Unit price £9.50 (discounts available for bulk orders). Lock body available in grey, with aluminium finish nozzle, available in other colours subject to minimum order quantities.

hasp lock for lockers

Strong durable fibre impregnated plastic body

Large mounting plate will cover most holes and slots when converting existing lockers

6 screw fixing points for added security

Plastic plug prevents removal of rotating nozzle

Assembled ready for use

The Swivel Lock is an innovative hasp lock consisting of a single piece moulding of hard plastic, reinforced with polymer fibres, with a large mounting plate secured to the inside of the cabinet. It has a free-to-rotate nozzle protruding through the door, which is prevented from opening by the external padlock.

The clever thing about it is that because the nozzle rotates it's not possible to apply any torque to the padlock, which would rip the lock out because the nozzle rotates. It is ideal for a multitude of applications including gun cabinets, medicine cabinets, filing cabinets, lockers and storage cupboards – in fact, anything with a door!

With six screw fixing points for added security, a plastic plug prevents the removal of the rotating nozzle, and because the lock body mounting plate fits inside the cabinet and the padlock is outside the door, this prevents the lock from being hammered backwards. The plastic plug prevents disassembly of the lock.

The Swivel Hasp Lock has a 15mm diameter aluminium nozzle, with a stainless steel option. The door pull plate has a 35mm diameter hole, for a number or company logo.

With a standard length of 19mm, the aluminium bar offers good everyday general resistance. However, a higher security option of stainless steel is also offered.

The standard lock has a nozzle that will suit doors up to 20mm thick. For thinner doors, it's a case of fixing the lock body further away from the door or using different length nozzles.

The lock body's standard finish is white but other RAL colours are available subject to an additional cost.

The Swivel Lock is protected by European Patent No: 2942459 & Community Reg Design No 002446468.